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  • Li heping

    Chief engineer

    Chief engineer in Bao Steel, specialist in metal

  • Le Jintao

    Senior engineer

    Committee member of TC183/SC4, working in Bao Steel

  • Fang Jian

    Senior engineer

    Bao Steel Research Institute

  • Qin Haifeng

    Senior engineer

    Changcheng Institute of Metrology & Measurement


  • 中国硅酸盐学会测试技术分会

  • 全国钢标准化技术委员会委员单位

  • 全国塑料标准化技术委员会委员单位


About us


2000kN UTM and 300kN Bending Machine installed successfully in GPH ISPAT Bangladesh

2000kN universal testing machine and 300kN Bending Machine installed successfully in GPH ISPAT Bangladesh


750J pendulum Charpy impact tester with 900℃ furnace

This machine is developed for Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. It is successfully installed and commissioned.


WANCE new facility in WUHAN in construction

At present, the first phase of the project has entered the stage of decoration and production, and the second phase of the project is also in the process of construction. Welcome


Company profile

Do our best for your test

Wance is dedicated to developing material testing machines and providing testing solutions.




WANCE has complete services system, service department for taking care of customer, quality department for quality control, customer satisfication collection and correction plan track, engineering department for services assistance, correction plan making and lauching, general manager for coordination of all related department