Basic knowledge and mechanical property test of hydrogel

Hydrogel as in the field of polymer material testing products, with good biocompatibility, physical and chemical properties, high water absorbability, high water retention and other characteristics, is gradually being soft tissue engineering, biological medicine, electronic and o···

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High temperature creep test solutions

When it comes to the mechanical properties testing of metal materials, most people may be exposed to the uniaxial tensile test at room temperature. However, in the military industry, energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, aerospace and other fields, many metal material parts must···

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Automated compression testing machine

Recently, WANCE automated triple compression testing machine is accepted by end user in Guangzhou. The equipment with intelligent operating system, efficient working mode and professional detection technology has been highly appraised by customers, the work efficiency is far···

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Welcome Dean Zhou from Hainan University visit to WANCE

On November 26th, Dean Zhou Zhi of The School of Civil and Architectural Engineering of Hainan University visited Wantai to guide the work. Mr. An Jianping, chairman of WANCE, warmly received him and accompanied him to visit WANCE Wuhan R&D and manufacturing base.  ···

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Automatic melt flow indexer

In case you have plenty tests for melt flow index, your lab operators are fury about manual loading the weights and dangerous cleaning of cylinder, what is your solution?In case your material melt flow rate is extra high, what is your solution?Do have a look at WANCE new mel···

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WANCE focuses on the physical performance of student uniforms test solutions

         WANCE focuses on the physical performance of student uniforms test solutionsSchool uniforms, as the uniform prescribed by the school, frequently appear in the daily wear of students and children, so their quality has been the concern of all secto···

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DIT122Z-1 drop weight impact testing machine

Application and properties of diamond composite sheet Diamond compact (PDC) as a new type of composite material, although only decades development history, but because of its high hardness, good wear resistance characteristics, are widely used in oil drilling, ···

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Test methods for bending fatigue of wire ropes

Wire rope as the increase in the material handling machinery, traction, taut and bearing of flexural member, such as high strength, light weight, good flexibility, stable and reliable under dynamic load and overload ability and working at high speed under the condit···

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WANCE Wuhan new facility starts mass production

WANCE Wuhan starts mass production. In the next few months, plenty of machines will be assembled to meet increasing demands from China market, while COVID-19 has very small influences.

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Stranded wire tensile test

1. The definition of steel strandSteel strand is composed of several steel products twisted steel wire, carbon steel surface can be added according to the needs of galvanized layer, zinc aluminum alloy layer, aluminum coating, copper coating, epoxy resin coating.2. ···

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